Tips to Buy Safe House from Developer

Tips to Buy Safe House from Developer

Each person must have their respective considerations when deciding to buy a new home built by developers or secondhand homes. The advantage of buying from a developer is usually because:

You do not have to bother looking for land, and also do not have to build because the house has been built by the developer.
Residential areas are usually nicely laid out with landscape and adequate supporting facilities.
And can be bought by way of credit because the developer usually taman rumah minimalis cooperate with the bank to provide mortgage facilities for home ownership
However, buying a home through a developer does not mean guaranteed safe and free of obstacles. For example, just look at the Story of Revelation Tipped by Naughty Developers. But this also does not mean all developers are ugly. In fact, more good developers really.

However buying a home involves a lot of money, so it must be done carefully. Because it should be well understood processes and provisions when buying a home through the developer. Check out the tips:

Check out developer reputation

One easy way to measure the developer’s reputation is to check the completeness of the developer’s permissions, including:

Land Use Permit: Location Permit, Land Use Aspect, Site Plan authorized, SIPPT (Land Use Permit Permit), Land Certificate Number, Building Permit Letter (IMB), Building Permit Letter (IPB).
Infrastructure already available
Land condition ready to build
Minimum land certificate SHGB or Master HGB on behalf of the developer
IMB Parent
Do not pay DP to the developer before KPR is approved

Know that there is no guarantee that the bank must approve your mortgage submission even though the developer has been working with the bank. Because what the bank evaluates is your financial ability as a buyer to pay off the mortgage.

If indeed there is no decision from the bank, you should not pay DP first. The problem is if your KPR is not approved then you have to ask back the DP. And that’s usually not easy (there are always pieces).

The risks of the promised housing unit

The house is not scheduled even though the payment is paid off. It’s the greatest risk though quite rare. To avoid it, there is no other event, by choosing a reputable developer.
The finished house is late, however, not in accordance with the time target promised in the deal. This is the most common risk. Make sure there is a clause in the agreement that arranges fines if the developer is late delivering the house.
Finished homes with non-standard specifications, even developers usually provide a 3-month retention period after handover.
During this retention period if there is damage to the building and the condition of the house is still the responsibility of the developer. Make sure everything is written in the agreement.

Given these risks, you as a buyer need to learn the developer’s liability that is usually clearly set out in the sale and purchase agreement to avoid default.

So before signing the receipt of the house, check carefully that the house you will receive is in accordance with what is stipulated in the sale and purchase agreement (PPJB).

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