Tips on caring for plants Flame of Irian

Tips on caring for plants Flame of Irian

For you lovers of ornamental plants are certainly not already familiar with the plantson this one. The beauty of form and colour into the striking attraction for plants Flame of Irian.

Flame of Irian is a kind of tropical plant flowers that grow by means of vines or dangling down. That is why a plant that has flowers and leaves that these meetings are often used as wall hangings, the railings or covering pergola.

Treatment of flame of Irian is actually quite easy. Did watering regularly, at least twice a day in the early planting using jasa pembuat taman rumah enough water so that the plant thrives. Unlike theother houseplants, fertilization on crops does not need to be done regularly. You can use the organic fertilizer in planting, and then after three months use manure to fertilize its growth.

The next treatment that is not less important is the pruning. The growth of the Flame of Irian relatively quickly, so you need to trim off the excess at the tip section periodically. In addition, it also gives the effect of trimming the plants so grow more lush, especially if this plant is used as a covering pergola.

The only area that allows to be processed into the Park is the area of the balcony. With an area that generally ranges between 1.5 metres to 2 metres, you are indeed unable to plant trees or woody plants that need extensive cropping area.
However, you can take advantage of the balcony into the garden of a petite, attractive in a way put houseplants in pots. Select a planting medium light such as rockwool, styrofoam, husks or coconut shells that have been drained to plant crops in the upper balcony.
Then select the type of plant that is easy to her treatment, i.e. quite watered regularly. You can select several types of plants such as Morning Glory, Mandevilla, tears, cat or Vernonia Elaeafolia or popularly called Curtain Creeper. Growing plants are propagated (vertical) effectively ward off the dust pollution. In addition, of course you could save the place so that the rest of the land can be used to put other plants.

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