The risks and advantages of selling houses When Launching

Not everyone is interested in buying a new home while still in the launch phase of launching an alias. Because, there are some who feel the doubt will be the status and the clarity of construction of the House.

However, some people feel quite buy property when launching is the most profitable. At least the cheaper property prices, because developers like to divide the risk with buyers.

As well as an articulated Sales Manager Kebagusan Terrace, Stephanie Cassandra. He even suggested, if consumers want to find a home with more affordable prices, we recommend that you do a cash advance repayment when the cluster of newly launched or still in the stage of development.

“In addition to the price is much lower, the developer usually also often rumah dijual di solo 2017  discount upon launch. However, his weakness, consumers could not know with certainty the results so from the property. Second, there are concerns over the slowdown of the construction schedule, “he said.

Addressing the polemic of the risks and the benefits, Panangian Simanungkalit property expert explains, for the home, usually built within six to eight months, launching from the start until the home is ready to be occupied. In the past, home prices typically rise 10%-15%.

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“In other words, buying a home when the newly launched, like get a 15% discount. As for the apartment, the price can go up to 20% with a completion period of 18 to 24 months. So here’s the real advantage of purchasing a new residence at the time of launching, “he explained.

Another advantage, sambungnya, consumers can simply choose the appropriate location. This is important, especially for those who believe feng shui calculations. Moreover, when the launch will give developers usually offer such a mortgage down payment.

“At least not down payment could dicicil with soft cash and could use the MORTGAGE or cash increments,” he said.

But, there is a risk …

On the other hand, buying when launching also has risks. Especially if the developer had financial problems or the less salable projects.

Another risk, sometimes what is envisaged in the brochures turns out to be not in accordance with reality. It could concern the layout of the units, technical specifications, or size, which could affect the prospects of the House.

“In the case of housing, the completion of its construction are normally to be slow. In fact there are also complained about the specs House is not according to plan. This is to look out for, “he explained.

“However, as long as consumers are cautious in buying property and paying close attention to see Planning, buying when the launching of nicer,” he meningatkan.

(Don’t forget, read the review of the housing in the before buying)

Do not forget, Panangian gave some tips to consider when consumers want to buy property when launching to avoid tort.

First, make sure the prospect of residential location it by way of knowing how many other residential development plans in the region. Consumers can easily know this just by reading reviews in property.

Second, look for developers who have a good track record or has already proven capable of build corresponding appointments (schedules and exact specifications). It can be seen from previous projects.

Third, thorough agreement deed of sale and purchase. Should be able to note clearly the obligations that must be met if they are late developers do a handover to the consumer.

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