Roof Garden for the apartment

The roof of the apartment here will have an unusual appearance. This is because theroof was designed with a number of plants and other elements, such as angled walkways and wooden lounge chairs. The roof is part of an apartment, 60 Water, locatedin Brooklyn, United States.

Roof garden with an area of 6,000 square feet it will be designed by James Corner Field jasa pembuat taman Operations. This 17 storey apartment with own diesain by Leeser Architecture and developed by Two Trees Management.

The view from the roof will be more fun because of the layout of the apartment not far from the Brooklyn Bridge to the River on one of the sides. The roof garden is at once and viewing facilities will complement the new building opened less than a year ago.

The pot along with the legs elevated or planters also started a lot of interest. The feet are not only to support the display of pots or interior, but also beneficial to create an impression in the airy space. The room would not look full or narrow with its raised. Pot design options will also be varied so that it can be adapted to the style of the room.

Wall-mounted pots or planters designed to put sticking on the walls of this adds tothe list of options for growing plants indoors. With the inherent design, plants can act also as decorating the walls. At the same time, the plants can clean and refreshing air.

Would it be possible to build the garden in an apartment? With a very limited, or in some type of unit did not even have an additional area, presenting children in apartments can say is virtually impossible. But, with a little creativity and effort, you can cultivate the land area becomes a simple garden.

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