Rica X Japan Guitarist, A Young Agent Who Can Afford Gutrhie Govan

After guitarist fingerstyle world of origin of South Korea’s youngest Sungha Jung is now stepping up, now present the successor, Rica X (Nick Name Youtube) is a little girl who is very adept at playing the electric guitar melody!. Because the girl child was eight years old it was very slick when its fingers touch every string.

Unmitigated imitated guitarist Guthrie Govan!, which is one of the guitarists in the world again. Li Sa X or Risa X was able to to do the tricky parts on the song that brought Gutrhie Govan as the Guitarist of the Year in 1993 with the perfect.

No wonder the video on youtbe bombarded comments compliments as below
Imagine him 10 years later …
… and she looks like she’s having fun ..! Good Onya Li Sa X!
I started playing two decades before she was born, and I can only hope someday when I’m up I could play like him.
Indeed, Risa-X by hand jual alat musik can play the strings much better than middle-aged men, techniques evolve either due to diligent practice, but it can look like a girl who toyed with his guitar. So congratulations, Risa! We hope you can be a woman’sbest youngest virtuoso in the future!

After the Meliani Siti Sumartini, a veiled, metal guitarist hebohkan social networkinginside and outside the country, now re-circulated a Video “Grandma’s Blues” which is also not less terrible with action meliani in playing the guitar,
“Oma” so call the comments are dazzled by the action of a sophisticated Grandmaplay this blues guitar, you also gonna dumbfounded by this Granny action. Why? Granny fingers ber age range of 50 years is very agile in exploring fret guitar frets for the sake of constructing the tones of beautiful blues guitarist professional bathtub and even could be more shy than Meliani.

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