Renovation and repair services swimming pool

We serve the swimming pool remodeling services and repair services swimming pools in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and other cities in Indonesia in a professional manner.

Renovation and repair services that offer includes improvements to kai’s private pool/residential as well as commercial/public swimming pool.

Because of the age factor and use of the pool, sometimes the pool functions be less than optimal.

So it takes an action so that the function of the pool can be improved, When your pool needs improvement, of course You want a professional or a company who will act fast without wasting time in executing the process of repairing your pool.

Renovation and repair services swimming pool

Dimulti Pool is an experienced company and focus in the field of swimming pools that could be a reference to You in overcoming any problems related operational swimming pool and water treatment.

More than 15 years in this field, our team will understand the needs of your pool nice private swimming pool as well as a commercial kontraktor kolam renang jakarta .

We are very proud of is believed by you to ensure that our service is prompt servicein providing any solution of the problems surrounding the swimming pool.

We know the equipment and accessories pool equipment/equipment is expensive, so that we understand, what should we do.

We will not let the pool equipment and supplies you become damaged. So that it can interfere with Your time with family.

We will always try to work on everything possible to make all customers are satisfied with the results of our work …

We offer professional services in renovation and repair and installation of swimming pools at low cost to our customers.

Here below is a quote from our related services renovation, repair and installation of swimming pools:

Pool Heater Repairs & Installations
Pool Filter System Repairs, Replacements & Relocations
Pool Pump Motor Repairs & & Replacements
Leak Detection & Repairs
Pool Purification Systems & Chlorinator Repairs & Installations
Automatic Pool Cleaner Repairs
Sand Changes
Salt Generator Installation

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