Please Choose, Learning Keyboard or Guitar?

Learning keyboard or guitar? The question may often ring in our minds when we want to learn something. Doubts may occur when we have to decide which ones to learn first, especially with regard to instruments such as keyboards and guitars. Both are true just as important. Both are even used as a vital instrument in a band, orchestra and other musical performances. If you are someone who is still very common in playing music and playing a musical instrument.

Please Choose, Learning Keyboard or Guitar?

We recommend you choose the one that matters most to you. The needs and abilities of each individual to the musical instrument may be different, so it’s good to consider the following before deciding to learn keyboard or guitar.

Start With Your Interests

To be able to learn something, everything must start from good intentions and sincere. Follow your wishes, are you more interested in learning keyboard or guitar first? If you feel you are more interested in learning guitar, try to pursue the one first, while other instruments you should ignore. Focus is the key. Learn the fundamentals of the theory, and then start with the practice. Try to have mastered the musical instrument before you change the course to another musical instrument.

Consider Time and Flexibility

If you are someone who does not have a free time to learn the instrument because of your busy life. But you really want to be able to master the instrument, the alternative is to consider the aspects of flexibility and time. Choose a musical instrument that you can take anywhere. Given your busy outside the crowded house, you certainly can not bring your keyboard to the car or to your motorcycle is not it? You can consider the guitar as the first musical instrument you can learn. When it breaks in the middle of work, you can come out for a moment and take your guitar to play.

Customize With Needs

If you are one of the band members, or maybe your friend wants to recruit you to enter the band. Or even there is an audition for the selection of band members who demand you to be able to play one of the above mentioned musical instruments (keyboard or guitar), then the first thing you should do is to study the sala one musical instrument professionally in accordance with the requirements of the race. If they are demanding the auditors to be good at playing the keyboard, you have to get the hang of it if you want to be one of the candidates to be recruited.

Avoid Studying Both Simultaneously

Learning keyboard or guitar simultaneously is not recommended. Why? Because learning something at the same time will make you not focus on one of these instruments. Or even you will fail in mastering both. Try to focus on a musical instrument that you really want to master, once you really understand theoretically and practically, you can learn other musical instruments. As a recommendation material, to choose to learn keyboard or guitar, you should learn guitar first on musikji because musical instrument like guitar is generally easier to learn than keyboard. The basics of science is more simple and easy.

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