Jokowi: do not Jaminkan Land Certificates for vehicles!

Certificate of land ownership for its owner is a legal right that should be guaranteed by the Government. Therefore, when a piece of land already have the certificate, then the right ruling became clear following luasannya including location.

Other than as evidence of ownership is valid, the certificate turned out to be useful also to venture capital for its owners. However, it’s good land is not used for certificate of need that are tertiary.

To the community, the President of Joko Widodo cautioned land certificates should be used for things that are productive.

“If they wish to make diagunkan to the bank, don’t forget to do the calculations correctly. And remember, do not get a certificate already put in the bank, but could not menyicilnya. Do not let the loan at the bank to buy a car or a motorcycle. It shouldn’t be, it should be for productive things, “said the President.

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The agunkan certificate

Lending products that typically enter into the kind of Multipurpose use Credit terms of guarantee in the form of a certificate of a new home, shop, or new apartment rukan. Almost all banks disburse funds consumerist about 80-90% of the value of the collateral (the property price).

For those of you who need information about procedures in the menjaminkan certificate to the bank, few know the conditions here.


Minimum monthly income Rp4 million
Minimum age 21 years, maximum age of 65 years
Indonesia citizens or holders of PERMITS, employees, employers, and professionals
Documents required

Credit application form
Photocopy Of ID Card, Families, Marriage Certificate/Divorce
Latest Photos Of Applicants Fitting & Couples
The last Original Salary slip or Certificate of income
Photocopying SK Recruitment Remains
Photocopying Book Savings/checking account at least 3 Months
Photocopying SPT Pph PS 21 for credit > Rp50 Million s/d $ Million
NPWP to Petition Credit > $ Million
Photocopying Permission Practices
Photocopying SHM/IMB/SHGB
After all the paperwork requirement was complete, the bank will process your Credit application filing Your Multipurpose during 7-14 working days. Please note, the average bank loan funds disbursed can range from at Rp500 million up to Rp1 billion.

The stages that must be traversed

First, take all the required files to the bank that you are headed. Preferably, choose a bank that offers low interest rates, then the bank’s priority is experienced and has high credibility.

Second, ask clear details regarding credit products that are about to take. Not to You as the debtor feel disappointed when the ceiling instalment has been running. After you feel confident, then fill in the application form provided by the bank.

Third, after the administrative process has ended, now is the time you wait for verification and schedule a home survey carried out the bank.

Approved or whether your credit application, it is the bank’s policy that cannot be contested.

Remember, all banks would certainly impose fines if you are late paying installments per month.

Generally, the cost of penalties of delay amounting to 1.5% of the monthly installments. While the early repayment amount of the fine is usually 1% of the credit limit.

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