It’s The Difference Of Men And Women When Buying A House

It’s The Difference Of Men And Women When Buying A House

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is one of John Gray’s famous books telling the differences between men and women. Differences are meant, among others, in terms of motivation, perspective, and when doing something.

Young happy couple shopping for new home

And something like this is also true in the affairs of buying a house. Some features may be important for men but may not be for women.

Therefore see information from about the differences of men and women when choosing the following house. This information is of course you can use when you are about to sell a house. The key word: understand the willingness of prospective customers to house more quickly sold.


Now many men like to spend time in the kitchen to experiment with different recipes. Some of them taman rumah usually want a luxurious kitchen and have a complete feature to make it easier for them when cooking.

While women prefer the form of a simple and practical kitchen.

Special room

In the book is also written that men need space to be alone or often referred to as ‘cave’ men. When viewing the house, in addition to the bedroom they will also need a special room to work or do his hobby.

If a house has more rooms then it will definitely be a consideration for a man. As for women, the special room needed is a room that can be used to store clothes, bags or collections of shoes is also called walk in closet.

And the wider the wardrobe it will be more fun for women.

House needs improvement

Many men are willing to buy a secondhand house and do not mind fixing minor damage to the house if it exists. Unlike the women who actually pay attention to details and hope the house has been seen clean, neat and elegant.


Men prefer a bathroom that has a shower because it is more practical so that the bath can be faster. While women prefer a bathroom that has a bath tub or a Jacuzzi so they can relax while enjoying salt water.


For men, in terms of gardening, they prefer to grow edible or processed crops as cooking. Such as vegetables, chili and also complementary spices such as green onion or mint leaves.

Gardening for women means having a large garden and being out in the open and filled with flowers blooming. A quite different perspective is not it?

Choosing a home is an important step for everyone’s life, and each individual has their own preferences. For couples who are married to someone who is single will certainly be different.

So the important thing is to recognize the character of the prospective buyer, from work, hobbies, daily activities, and the number of children so you can make the house that sells look right for them.

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