Ideal Conditions to Buy Houses Outside the City

Ideal Conditions to Buy Houses Outside the City

Seeing the increasingly difficult housing prices in the big city where you live, you also glanced at other areas. The problem is that the targeted area is not just a suburban area near your current city, but another city far enough away.

For example, you currently live in Jakarta, and you are interested in owning a house in Semarang or Yogyakarta. The idea, maybe you can use it as a vacation home when retired later.

It’s OK to buy a house in another city, but make sure the majority of these points are owned by your target house.

Select an area that is ‘close’ to you

We recommend that the selected city has a closeness to you. That is, you used to live in the city, or your parents live in the city, or there are relatives or acquaintances near you who are there.

The point is, to keep your home in care-especially when you have not had time to visit it in a long time-by your acquaintance.

Stay close to the city center

You may want to live in a cool and quiet area. But, remember, you’ll just use it when old. So as much as possible choose a home that remains close to the city center so you can easily shop for home needs.

Moreover, traffic conditions in cities that are too large tend to be safer. Housing prices in the city center also tend to be stable, even increased rapidly, so you can use it as an investment if at any time requires large funds.

Choose close to the campus

Still want to glance at the suburbs? Just legitimate, as long as you see the condition surrounding. Better if around you there are several campuses.

House prices around the campus also tend to increase due to the many types of businesses that can be done around the house, such as founding boarding, building food stalls, and laundry business. Although you will retire, does not mean you do not do anything, right?

Sufficient pages

Given the price of land or a house in another city that is not as big as your city, cheaper, there’s nothing wrong with buying a bigger house.

It does not have to be a great building, but at least you have an adequate home page so your home gets fresh air every day. Use the page to grow a variety of fruit crops.

Make a productive land

When you buy land-which the house will build-don’t let the land idle.

Make the ground more productive by using it as a place to grow crops. If you have built the house, the house can be rented first.

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