Get Price List Vault Enamel

Get Price List Vault Enamel

Indonesia is a country which has the largest population of the world the majority embraced Muslims. It is obviously just making existing mosques in Indonesia continues to experience increased. A variety of efforts ranging from the renovation and widening of the mosque has always been realized so that the comfort of the pilgrims to perform acts of worship are still awake. Starting from the widening of the porch as well as the selection of the raw material of the dome of the mosque. The dome of the mosque is usually made from wood, copper or gold. One of the raw materials into many options the Muslims are the enamel. The list price of the vault of the enamel is also diverse ranging from cheap to expensive depending on its specifications.

Raw material quality is indeed very enamel texture that arise and become its own distinctive features. The material is a breakthrough innovation that facilitates the construction service users of the mosque. Enamel is also resistant to rain where the old period will be resistant to the threat of leakage. Besides the raw material of enamel are also lightweight, easy to paint and strong. Things exist in enamel makes the raw material price list Vault enamel quite competitive depending on the harga kubah masjid ingredients, broad, high specification, the dome and the diameter of the dome of the mosque.

Dome enamel model also can be traditional or modern design depending on the customer’s own liking. Until recently the model Vault varied starting from a model of the dome of the berumbi, the dome of semicircular, domed monastery and domed ends of onions. The aesthetics of the mosque began to be noticed by the developers because the mosque is a building that has great value for Muslims. Therefore, how much service providers making the dome of the mosque will be tailored to the budget of the customer. The distance or the location of the mosque builders have also become important points into consideration in determining the price list of the dome of the mosque of the enamel. In addition how to clean enamel mosque suffice it easy because of rain with the help of all the dirt that clings to the mosque will be erased.

The quality of the vault course enamels made of very detailed craftsmanship ranging from measurement to the painting of the dome. The level of complexity of the work of the dome made from enamel made by the contractor also affects the price of the dome itself. Until the current list price of the mosque of enamel ranged from Rp to Rp 1.000.000 2,400,000 per metre depending on the model of the cupola and the things that factor into consideration prices. To determine the price of the dome of the mosque of the enamel using a broad dome formula = 3.14 x diameter x height. Dome enamel materials can also reduce the risk against damage from earthquakes. Of course in the construction of the mosque Muslims consider all matters related to development. So as to provide ease and effectiveness in its construction.

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