Explanation and solution error code in the Google Play Store

If you use an Android phone, you’ll often and really like download apps and games from Google Play, especially free ones. If you often do that, you must have or often see error messages or error codes when installing or downloading apps from Google Play, google play redeem codes although rare, an error message appears when downloading or installing the Google Play makes many users feel confused (You may also include one of them), because they no explanation or a way to overcome the error.

Explanation and solution error code in the Google Play Store
Thanks to the help of “Mohamedrashad”, one of the members of XDA Developers are also very frustrated with the error message can be resolved eventually. Well, below are some of the error messages that have been collected Mohamedrashad and how to overcome them.

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* Error 491
Error: download and update (maybe).
Solution: Remove your Google account by going to the mobile device settings -> google account. After it Reboot your android and enter your Google account again. If you are still unable to resolved, go to settings -> apps (applications) and refrain from using the data in each application is running.

* Error 498
– Error: Failed to download
– Cause: Cache or device memory is full
– Solution: Remove applications and files that are not needed. Restart your smartphone in recovery mode, how to turn off your phone, then press the volume down, power button and home (for Samsung devices) or volume down and power (for most other devices) simultaneously. This mode gives you several options. Select delete cache partition by navigating the volume of your Android phone and press the power button OK !.

* Error 919
– Error: The application does not run after being downloaded.
– Cause: Not enough memory
– Solution: Remove all unnecessary data, such as music, video or large applications.

* Error 413
– Error: Failed to download or update
– Cause: Memory full proxy
– Solution: Log settings -> applications -> all applications -> Google services and refrain from using the application data. Do the same to clear the cache in your Internet browser.

* Error 923
– Error: Failed to download
– Cause: Error while synchronizing a Google account or cache memory is not enough.
– Solution: Remove your google account and remove unneeded applications that the memory is full. Next, reboot your device in recovery mode (Recovery Mode). Select delete cache partition and start your device as usual. Do not worry, your personal data will not be erased and please arrange your google account once again.

* Error 921
– Error: Unable to download an application.
– Solution: Try clearing your cache Google Play Store app. If this does not work, delete all the Play Store app data, but please note that this resulted in the loss of all the settings you’ve made on the Google Play Store. As a last resort, remove your Google account, restart the device and insert it again.

* Error 403
– Error: Failed to download.
– Cause: This usually happens when two Google account you used to buy apps on one device.
– Solution: Sign the Google Play Store with the correct Google account. Uninstall the application in question. Next, try downloading apps from google play store again and click the purchase button.

* Error 492
– Error: unable to install application because the Dalvik cache.
– Solution: stop the google data services and do the same thing on the google play store app.
– Note: If the problem is not solved, try deleting the Dalvik cache. To do this, enter the custom recovery mode (only for Android phones that have been at the root). Another solution is to supplement the data wipe / factory reset. This option applies to all users and can be done in recovery mode. Be careful, this will delete your data, so make sure you have backed up all your data.

* Error 927

– Error: Can not download
– Cause: google play store app update is in progress.
– Solution: Wait a few minutes until the update is complete. If the problem persists, go to settings -> hentika all applications and data services google. Do the same pad google play store app.

* Error 101
– Error: Can not download applications or games on google play store
– Cause: You have a lot of applications that have been installed
– Solution: Remove useless applications or remove your google account and re-login (login birthday)

* error 481
– error: problem with your google account
– solution: delete your account and use other accounts

* error 911
– error: can not download applications
– solutions:
1. Clear cache and history goole play applications.
2. If you are using a wifi connection that requires a login web page, then your authentication may have expired. Sign into your apn through android browser, go to google play store and run the application updates. If that does not work the problem is with the wifi network.
3. Simply switch to another wifi network and run the update. 911 errors should disappear for a new wifi network.
4. Use your mobile network data services is not wifi. Turn off wifi, change the settings of your data and try to download / update your mobile app or game. However, this method is only suitable for apps and games that are small. For a larger update you must use your wifi network to save data costs.

* Error 919
– Error: could not install the app
– Solution: Change the settings of your apn

* error 920
-Error: apps can not be downloaded.
– Solution:
Method 1: turn off wi-fi and wi-fi change the settings of your google paly to install or update apps
Method 2: delete your Google account, restart the phone and enter your Google account settings. If it does not succeed, do it again this way and use a different account. Run google play store and download your app.
Method 3: remove the cache and data in applications google play, now on the same tab update uninstall the application. Restart your phone, open the app google play you and install the application.

* Error 941
– Error: erro when trying to run the update
– Solution: delete the cache and data applications google play, cache and data download manager

* error 504 and 495
– Error: App can not be downloaded
– Solution: Method 1: delete cache google app play and google services framework.
Method 2: remove gmail account, rebbot and input again

* error rh01
– Error: retrieval of information from a server error.
– Solution: remove the cache and data app google google play and browser. Remove your gmail account and enter again.

* Error rpc: s-5: AEC-0
– Error: server error.
– Solution: open the system settings (root), delete the cache and update uninstall applications google play, download manager and browser google.

* Error -24
– Error: costom room phones root (kitkat)
– Solution: use and set the root file manager, locate the application package name you want to install (Do not know the name of the application package? Searching on the Google Play Store and developer URL). Delete the folder that the application and try to install your application again, it should work now

* Package file invalid
– Error: problem server google play store
– Solution: Method 1: to update error, clear your cache and data applications google play and update the app , Method 2: Install the application via the website google paly. Method 3: Turn off Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G networks use to install or update. Method 4: Clear cache and data app & broser google google play, or delete your Google account, Restart and re-enter your Google account.

* Installation unssuccesful error
– Error: failed to install
– Solution: Uninstall and reinstall the app, clear market cache, Uninstall update google play, unmount sdcard later install the application. Many who have managed to resolve this issue by unmounting sdcards them before running the update on google play. Delete folder .android_secure.

* Download unsuccessful errors
– Solution:
Method 1: Go to settings download unsuccessful errors in the app google play -> a picturesque apps or apps -> select all applications -> select google play from the list -> force stop, clear your cache and data applications google play, services and google account manager from the list of applications. Go to google play and you will be prompted to sign in. Sign in with your gmail account and download the app or game you’re looking for.

Note: From the list of apps, you may also have to delete the data for the “service google play, google apps (downloads or updates), browser, download and download manager (in the case of downloading via browser). You can also use the same method as errors “df-bpa-09”.

An alternative way: If the first method does not work, you can try to delete your gmail account from setting Recovery. However, removing a gmail account primer will require a code to reset the factory unless your phone has been at the root.

assuming The root your device, follow the method below about how to delete your gmail account.
1. Clear cache and data applications google play.
2. Restart your android device.
3. Add your gmail account (Settings-> accounts-> add account), open the google play app, login and download the app you’re looking for.

If the above fails, follow these steps:
1. Clear your cache and service google play.
2. Uninstall updates from google play and serviceability an google play.
3. Remove your account and enter it again (use another account if it fails).
4. Flashing GAPPS. Then enter
If it still fails, the primary cause of this error is a slow internet connection speeds.

* Error rpc: AEC: 0
– Error: Unable to download an application.
– Solution: Remove the google account, all accounts are synchronized, the data PlayStore and reboot.

* RPC: S-3
-Error: Unable to download an application.
– Cause: Failed took this information from the server
– Solution: Remove Google account and input again with the same account or any other account.

Well, here are some messages or error codes that often appear in the Google Play Store. For more details and updates other error codes you can see the XDA Developers site (at the source link below).

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