China, the country’s most romantic se-Asia Pacific

China, the country’s most romantic se-Asia Pacific

The society of Chinese consumers who have a great desire of celebrating Valentinecompared to other countries in the Asia Pacific region.


The latest Mastercard survey, three out of four people planning to buy gifts for people that they loved.


Other romantic countries in Valentines Day include Thailand (74 percent), Malaysiaand the Philippines with 63 percent respectively.


Valentine also made the event a luxury holiday, consumers plan to spend an average of 133 u.s. dollars or around Rp 1.771.826 to buy gifts.


Communities in the Greater China region into the forefront of the consumer groups, namely China (310 u.s. dollars) or around Rp 4.129.820 as consumers are the most generous, followed by Hong Kong (282 u.s. dollars) or around Rp 3.756.804 and Taiwan (271 u.s. dollars) or around Rp 3.610.262.


The men in the Asia Pacific is planning to issue about 25 percent more than womento buy Valentine gift.


In various regions in Asia Pacific, men and women have different options in buyinggifts.


The men preferred the flowers as a gift (40 percent), while women prefer to buy clothes and items made of leather (28 percent).


Between men and women, three top prizes that would like to purchase in this year’sValentine flowers (31 percent), clothing and leather goods (20 percent), and jewelry(17 percent).


Nevertheless, the popularity of flowers predicted downturn in Asia-Pacific based onMastercard Love Index analyzing credit card transactions, debit card, and prepaid card within a period of three years


The sale of the interest in Asia Pacific continues to decline, seen that there is a decrease of 34 percent in the transaction between 2014 and 2016.
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