Bamboo Flooring Installation for Staircase

Installing bamboo flooring for your staircase could be somewhat easy process to be done by yourself. Do a kind of estimating first in terms of the needed materials for the whole staircase. In this case you will have to do some measuring in a very precise way. Once the actual estimation of the needed materials is obtained, add 10% to it in the actual buying.

Take out anything that stands between the bamboo flooring to install and the wooden surface of the staircase. It means if you have carpets previously installed on the staircase remove them thoroughly including the strip tac as well. If the staircase has nosing at its ends, then remove the nosing as well. In removing the nosing be very careful and precise.

Begin installing the bamboo in place on the staircase with the help of nailer. Once you have covered all the surfaces of the staircase with the bamboo then start cutting the bamboo to fit the actual dimension of the staircase. It will make sure that the bamboo is fit perfectly unlike when you are cutting the bamboo before installing. Last thing install stairnose on the edges using glue or nail for a finished look of the staircase itself.

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