5 Roof Trends Today That You Should Know

From tany.net. Although your roof may not be the first factor you’re thinking of when updating your home, it ought to perpetually be near the top of your list. Your roof is protecting your most precious investment, a roof is more than simply a decorative piece it is your home’s defence against any and all weather and if not well maintained can lead to structural harm. Thus what is going on in the roofing trade to keep roofs lasting longer and looking better? Here are five trends that you’re sure to love.


Gone are the days of the dark, boring roof materials. Shingles now return during a variety of colors. However, before you select your shade consider your home’s exterior. The brick color, siding color and overall setting should complement your choice. Look around at other houses with an analogous color palette and similar home vogue. This decision can be exciting and stressful and you definitely don’t wish to make a hasty decision. Ask your contractor if they have a simulation program therefore you can even get idea of what your home will look like before deciding on a color.


There are two very common sorts of asphalt shingles that can provide your home an updated look with a long lasting product. Generally the 2 varieties are 3-tab and Architectural. The three-tab shingles are a lot of more ancient and supply a repeating pattern. However, architectural shingles supply very little additional variety, they can be made to resemble slate and cedar nonetheless providing the reliability and sturdiness of asphalt. When choosing your shingle kind, you’ll wish to think about your roof’s gradient. Your shingles will not be as visible if you have a shallow gradient, twenty degrees or less, so going with the three-tab will work best. If you have a more visible roof gradient, you will need to consider adding some more detail with Architectural shingles. Ask questions before installation begins so you can be confident about what the end product will look like.


This material has been growing in popularity over the previous few years. It has proved to be lightweight, energy economical and durable, it’s also eco-friendly and thus is well-liked among inexperienced builders and contractors. Although it may be a touch expensive to start, it can cut your energy by up to 40 percent. There may also be advantages in lowered insurance premiums and a better home resale price.


This trend is taking mainstream America by storm and reaches so much beyond the roofing trade. Some consumers are choosing white roofs to aid in energy potency. Likewise, there are sun reflective shingles that will even supply a tax break. Many householders are installing skylights and solar tunnels. You’ll start to notice products such as solar shingles will be entering the market soon.


With record storms over recent years, insurance claims have been at an all-time high. This has led to ratings being put in place to keep weather-resistant roofing at its finest. Although some of these ratings and regulations mean a higher value upfront they will definitely protect your home and your investment in the future, be sure to rise this with your contractor concerning the suitable materials for your surroundings and if you need extra strength added to your roof’s foundation. Be aware of what can last is very important.

Finding a roofer that you trust can create a much more pleasant experience. Ask your friends and family, and do your research! Finding a reputable company will save you time, energy and frustration.

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